Executive Charter

There is no mistaking the usefulness of a helicopter to the bustling corporate world we live in today. That is why Rotor-City is pleased to announce a dedicated partnership with Four Seasons Aviation, our sister company which will provide you with an Executive Charter that will get you to where you want to be, quickly and safely.

The single most impressive advantage is the efficiency Rotor-City/Four Seasons Aviation can bring to your company as helicopters are a fantastic time saving tool. How better would you achieve a multiple-premises visit covering the length and breadth of the province in one day?

Not only can we help you with efficiency but we can also assist with impressing clients. Arrive at an important meeting by luxury helicopter chartered from Rotor-City/Four Seasons Aviation, perhaps with your company logo displayed on the aircraft. Take customers out to lunch or to a sporting event traveling in comfort and style.

Weddings, Engagements & Sight-Seeing

Packages can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and with a personal service provided every step of the way this will be one area of the wedding you will not need to worry about.

Additional Services

  • Catering: Onboard the helicopter’s cabin space for a large spread is very limited. However, basic but high quality, small scale, cold catering can be provided. Of course, champagne and other beverages can also be supplied. With hold space large enough for suitcases and golf clubs, a picnic hamper is no trouble to transport if this complements your day.

  • Limousine: We would be delighted to secure the services of a limousine company for your use, ensuring all arrangements are just as you expect.

  • Accommodation: If a stay of any kind is part of your itinerary then Rotor-City would be pleased to recommend and book hotel accommodation for you.